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Cover pdf
Section 1 General Information pdf
Section 2 Company Issuer pdf
- Risk Factors pdf
- Nature of Business pdf
- Business of Each Product Line pdf
- Research and Development pdf
- Business Assets pdf
- Future Plan pdf
- Legal disputes pdf
- Capital Structure pdf
- Management Structure pdf
- Internal Control pdf
- Related Transactions pdf
- Operational Performance and Financial Status pdf
- Other Related Information pdf
Section 3 Information of Public Offering pdf
Section 4 Acknowledgement of the correctness of the information pdf
Appendix 1: Information of Directors and Executive Officers pdf
Appendix 2: Information of Directors of Subsidiaries/Associated Companies pdf
Appendix: Internal Control Report pdf
Appendix: Financial Statement (30 September 2008) pdf
Appendix: Financial Statement (30 September 2009) pdf
Appendix: Financial Statement (30 September 2010) pdf
Appendix: Financial Statement (31 December 2010) pdf
Appendix 1: (31 December 2010) pdf